Queensland Ambulances chooses Mobitex
In July, Sigtec and Mobitex Technology AB successfully concluded an upgrade project for DCS – Queensland Department of Community Safety – in Australia. The software was upgraded to NTE R10, which will improve network configuration, capacity and IP ability. Other features of the upgrade include the introduction of a new MSN hardware platform and disaster recovery of the NCC. Acceptance tests and training were also conducted.

The network users are Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS). QAS is the only ambulance service for Queensland area, with up to 400 Ambulances in the metropolitan area. QFRS has approximately 200 vehicles in the metropolitan area using the system simultaneously.

The upgrade project also incorporated added functionality such as Base Groups and a redundant FST function, which will enable a more cost-efficient creation of sites whenever an expansion of the network occurs.

"We are very pleased with how smoothly things went", says
Per-Erik Sundström, project manager in Mobitex Technology.
"The whole project including the upgrade, MSN installation and commissioning, acceptance, training and on-site support took no more than four weeks in total, which is very impressive. Still, the fact that DCS were very satisfied with the upgrade is the ultimate acknowledgment that the project was successful", concludes Per-Erik.

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  From strength to strength in France
Mobitex can proudly announce that the successful partnership with RATP continues, as the French transport provider chose a substantial upgrade package from Mobitex in August. This turnkey project incorporates the upgrade to NTE R10 (the latest software release), the new hardware platform MSN along with IP connectivity via routers in the whole network, acceptance testing and on-site training. The MSN replaces the old hardware concept which utilized MX switches.

In co-operation with RATP we have established a detailed project plan to minimise disturbances on the live network during the upgrade.

This upgrade project includes a full support guarantee for the Mobitex network until at least 2014. RATP have been operating their own Mobitex network since 1997 and currently have 6000 users throughout Paris.

Some of the most important features of the RATP Mobitex network include the positioning of all buses, calculating on-time arrivals and delays and informing passengers of arrival times. A number of functionalities regarding the information between bus and operator system help to fulfil the requirements on the management of buses in Paris.

  Mobitex goes Linux
This autumn, the first Linux based Mobitex software switching unit saw the light of day and is now ready for order.
The switch is designed for the RedHat Linux operating system running on X86 hardware. The switch offers the Mobitex functions MOX (MSN), DRR (MoLS) and NLS (MoLS).

This new switch is the functional equivalence of a Mobitex software switch operating on Sun hardware and the SUN Solaris operating system. The operative system in combination with the hardware is a very cost-efficient solution and also offers improved performance, providing long-term assurance to the user and a good platform for revenue.

This is a major progress in reducing the costs for our customers. It will also ultimately increase the competitive advantage on new markets such as China, where cost levels are crucial for success.

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  New addition to the Mobitex Association Board
The Mobitex Association proudly welcomes Robert Johnson of Mobile Expertise as a new director of the MA board, where he will be working alongside Per-Erik Sundström of Mobitex Technology and Dirk Fabels of RAM Netherlands. With his many years of experience in the technical sales field, we feel he will be a very valuable asset to the association.

Robert started his career in 1988 working for Electrical Retailer, holding a sales consultant role for four years before progressing into a management role. Robert used these skills to take a position in BT’s Cellnet mobile division where he began as a Channel Sales Development Executive, shortly afterwards being promoted to Business Account Manager following the company’s change of names to BTCellnet.

At the start of 2003 Robert took a new role, working as the UK Sales Manager for the Korean GSM handset manufacture Maxon.
In his first year Robert achieved the Company’s long-held ambition of breaking into the European market by securing an order from O2 for 250 000 units with a value of £30M. In 2004 Robert took over responsibility for sales of all of Maxon’s products throughout EMEA as Head of Sales at Maxon Europe Ltd.

Robert was a founding member of Mobile Expertise and was the driving force behind the establishment of the company. In July 2006 to date Robert holds a Director’s role within Mobile Expertise which is in its fifth year of trading and achieving a regular turnover of over £1 Million.

Robert Johnson, Mobile Expertise

Short facts
Age: 38 years young.
Motto in life: “Be Happy”
Children: Jack, aged 5 - going on 15
Interests: Football. A one team only
(Liverpool FC) supporter for 33 years.
  The MA Makeover
In the MA, we feel an urgent need to start working differently in order to make the best use of our resources and to provide maximum value to the community and its members. The fierce competition in the marketplace is a challenge but we have great confidence in this technology as it addresses many needs which cannot be fully satisfied by others. We also believe that this community can achieve much more in terms of joint efforts such as business intelligence, the sharing of market information, technological developments and similar activities. We want to re-vitalise the association in order to support and inspire Mobitex business worldwide.

New structure
Recently, the board of directors decided to change the membership structure for the MA, in an attempt to reflect the needs of the community as well as to try to bridge the gap between members and non-members. The membership fee was reduced to $250 per company – but in return the fee no longer covers access to events such as the MA conference. Instead, each company will pay a participation fee at these events.

Member benefits
All MA members are entitled to the following:

  • Free advertising space on mobitex.org as well as mobitex.com
  • Free exposure of member news, solutions and products
  • Full access to restricted content, e.g. strategies, marketing material and sales inspiration
  • News coverage via newsletters and press releases
  • MA support for Mobitex queries from the press and external companies
  • Representative visits from the MA as support during customer meetings or presentations, at a very low cost
  • Invitations to private MA events and the annual MA conference organised by the board

Website re-design
One important step towards a more dedicated approach from the Mobitex Association is the creation of a new MA website. Our aim is to produce a resource where all members can easily find up-to-date information on what is happening throughout the community, and get in touch with operators, developers and solution providers alike via forum activities and information pages. However, in order to achieve this we will also need commitment from members to inject useful information into the community. This will ensure that the data reaches us quickly and accurately.

The website project is underway and we are planning to have it ready for launch during 2010.

  The 2009 Mobitex conference
This year, the MA conference will be a low-key one-day event in Birmingham, UK, and it will take place on November 26th. We’re expecting to get a good number of companies together for some constructive workshops and updates on various aspects of the Mobitex market. Apart from Birmingham being a vibrant and interesting city to visit at any time of year, it is easily accessible for travellers from both far and near.

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