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Mobitex Technology partner with companies that deliver robust and reliable solutions to vertical markets. In today's complex world, companies need to share knowledge and work together to pursue new market opportunities and provide innovative and comprehensive suite of solutions. The Mobitex Partner Program is designed to increase business opportunities for all participating parties and offers technical- as well as marketing and sales support and cooperation. Coordinated marketing activities and shared knowledge will give us the edge over the competition and keep us on the forefront of wireless data technology.

For a partnership to work it must clearly benefit both parties and Mobitex new partner program offers even more tangible rewards in the form of distributor opportunities and finders. As the link between operators and developers, Mobitex Technology puts you in the fast lane for bringing great ideas to the market. Together we deliver world-class products that provide real value for customers. Mobitex is now opening the opportunities for cooperation on a global scale.

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To ensure that we meet the evolving needs of our customers, Mobitex Technology continuously looks for partners who can help us deliver Mobitex solutions. Mobitex Technology has defined three main categories of business partners:

Authorized Sales Channels
Authorized Sales Channels are those who have signed a sales channel agreement with MXT, have appointed sales- and technical managers for Mobitex products and completed step 1 and 2 of the competence development program. They are financially and legally responsible for the account to which they resell Mobitex products.

Agents are like authorized sales channels with the difference that they are not financially and legally responsible for the account that buys Mobitex products - agents are a broker between MXT and the buyer. Agents have signed an agreement with MXT that allows them to create business for MXT and such agreements shall cover incentives separately.

Finders are companies that are none of the above and through whose initiative a Mobitex sales opportunity is identified and closed by MXT or any of MXTs authorized sales channels.

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We offer an incentive of 2% of net sales if the lead turns into an order.

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