Mobitex Technology - Solutions

Mobitex has long been established as a proven and extremely reliable technology for large public wireless data networks. We have now enhanced our product portfolio to meet the increased demand for dedicated private or semi-private networks, covering industrial areas and serving a defined group of users in prioritized segments such as emergency services, transport and machine-to-machine communications (M2M).

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Mobitex is a proven and secure communication technology with high availability, making it perfect for wireless transactions. Mobitex is ideally suited for telemetry applications, since the traffic typically consists of short exchanges containing small amounts of data.

Monitor & Control
Point of sales
Security & Surveillance


Public Transport

Mobitex is already widely used in public transport and has increased profitability while improving service in hundreds of organizations. Mobitex networks can be used to increase the efficiency of communications between drivers, depots and central office systems.

Public Transport



Public Safety

Mobitex has established its strong position in the healthcare sector by offering a highly efficient communications channel for public services in which communications must never fail and where security is paramount. Mobitex has proven to be an excellent performer during crises, as the network remains available and accessible at all times.

Police and Fire Services
Ambulance Services

One city one system

A city uses a wide range of solutions to provide services to the community. Mobitex wireless data allows community services to be organized in a way that reduces administration and makes service delivery more efficient, thus reducing costs.