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Mobitex is the most reliable, secure and robust wireless packet data network on the market. Store-and-forward technology is used to guarantee delivery, meaning that if a vehicle is temporarily out of coverage, transmitted data is stored in a mailbox and will be forwarded as soon as the vehicle is back in coverage. Intelligent design, sophisticated functionality and first-class equipment, eliminate the need for redundant network elements. These features not only give Mobitex high in-service performance figures. They save money for the network operator or owner who instead of spending money on redundant hardware can make maximum use of available resources in the whole network.

Guaranteed and instant network access
The Mobitex network is always available and instantly accessible and devices are always online and ready to receive data or send notifications. There are no time-consuming call set-up or data activation procedures, and there are never any busy signals. Response times are short and access is instantaneous. Because packet switching does not require a dedicated connection, devices can remain online at all times, sending and receiving data as required by the application.

Unparalleled Capacity
The Mobitex network is designed to handle large numbers of subscribers or devices, as well as large volumes of data traffic, at very low cost. Because of its excellent capacity and many features, new applications and solutions can usually be added to a Mobitex network without further investments.

Adaptable to all sizes
Because of its flexible and scalable nature Mobitex networks are deployed in very different configurations, from small private networks owned by a single bus company and used for local or regional operations, to large public networks offering nationwide wireless data services for a wide range of applications for mobile professionals. With Mobitex, it is easy to expand coverage, as well as enhance capacity in existing coverage areas with heavy traffic, simply by adding base stations.

True push functionality
Mobitex accommodates true push functionality. Without being requested, a host can initiate a transmission to a remote device, meaning the host "pushes" the information to the device. This functionality is particularly useful in command-and-control functions and for telemetry and other device-to-device applications. Mobitex also supports push functionality to pre-defined user groups (e.g. all buses, all trains, all signs or all ambulances).

Industry leading battery life
Even though users are always on-line, making frequent use of wireless data services throughout the day, power-saving features in the network ensure long battery life. The Mobitex radio protocol includes functions that dramatically reduce the power consumption of portable and handheld devices. To further reduce power consumption, the network features a deep sleep mode that increases battery life up to 16 times, meaning that handheld devices can run up to three weeks on a standard AA battery.

Fast response time
Most wireless data applications do not require high speed. Messaging, email, telemetry and many enterprise applications, such as sales force automation, work perfectly at speeds of less than 10 Kbps. The only applications that require high speed are large file transfers and full multimedia. Mobitex provides a "fast enough" packet switched network for these purposes, while also providing high security and reliability and always-on service. Mobitex illustrates that speed is just part of the equation. Mobitex is fast because it has low latency, meaning that the round-trip data time is short.

Secure against intrusion
Mobitex has built in redundancy so that it can continue working if part of the network is damaged. Sabotage of switches, base stations or transmission lines have no effect on communication. Data messages are more difficult to eavesdrop and lost terminals can easily be removed from the network. Applications with end-to-end encryption can be used for sensitive operations.

Proven success on a global scale
Mobitex can handle a wide range of data communication functions and is independent of general consumer traffic. Flexible and rapid deployment options and redundancy functions ensure a reliable and secure communications system.

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