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Simplicity through complete solutions

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Simplicity is a key customer priority and Mobitex Technology devote substantial resources and effort to creating complete service packages and end-to-end solutions that are carefully matched to customer requirements.

Creating end-to-end solutions
Mobitex is an advanced, digital wireless data network, tailor made to meet the challenges facing organizations today. Along with their partners, Mobitex Technology offer innovative turnkey solutions that lever the tremendous power of wireless data communications.

Data communication is different than voice.
For many critical tasks, a high security wireless data transfer is a more efficient means of communication. With its guaranteed delivery and total accuracy, it is the perfect complement to a voice system. Mobitex is already widely used within many organizations and has increased profitability whilst improving service. Today there are literally hundreds of solutions readily available that use Mobitex as the wireless carrier. Mobitex terminal equipment is also available from nearly two dozen manufacturers, including both large multinational suppliers and local manufacturers.

Fast deployment
Mobitex networks are easy to install, maintain and support. Efficient tools cover every phase of service development, from initial network planning to ongoing operation, support and network management, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Mobitex Technology provides guidance and assists you through the whole process of wirelessly connecting your organization. A team of highly skilled and experienced specialists are available around the clock, seven days a week, to ensure that your system is always up and running.

Different business models
Procurement trends and business models vary widely today, from complete ownership and operation of the system to virtual private networks implemented in public networks. Some organizations also rely on network sharing, where several organizations own and operate a network jointly. Regardless of whether Mobitex is made available as a service provided by a national operator or through a private network, Mobitex is a technology that can be perfectly matched to a wide range of requirements.